The numbers, grapes or name on the bottle don’t determine the taste of the wine within. When drinking, observe the people around you and your thoughts – the complete surroundings have an effect. Everything resonates when you drink wine. Look at your own motif. Life is multifaceted, just like our wine.

White Wine

GSCHEKAT [southern Styrian for]:
  • colorful
  • jumbled
  • eclectic
vintage 2011 / drink from 2013 until 2025+ on weekends from 4 p.m. Alc. 13.0% vol. & dry
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Wine tells us a lot about social status. Many people have great respect for wine. They assume that one needs comprehensive knowledge of origin and make. This is the old motif of wine. But, among ourselves, we are happy if our wine simply tastes good. And when you serve it, and others ask you if it’s good wine, you can answer in good faith: yes. After all, you serve wine. You know what you’re doing.

White Wine

GSCHNIGLT [Southern Styrian for]:
  • brushed
  • clean
  • elegant
vintage 2011 / drink between 2013 and 2020+ Drink: office wine from 3 p.m. Alc. 12.5% vol. & dry
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When reflecting on our lives, we tend to think about difficulties. Personal accomplishments. Hard-fought victories. Successes against the odds. We’ve put these moments in a bottle. A wine that reminds us of our triumphs. So that they can be revived just like the motif. That’s why it tastes so bold. Each sip becomes a victory ceremony.


WAX [Southern Styrian for]:
  • edged
  • sharp
  • crisp
vintage 2012 / drink from 2013 till the next drink Drink: all day, to wake up Alc. 11.5% vol. & dry
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When you drink the first sip of wine, what does it taste like? Wood, nutmeg, vanilla? You don’t need the vocabulary of a literary critic to describe your imagination. Wine is wine. It does not need to taste of other flavors in order to have its own motif. Listen to the music in your head and see what you feel. Unlike in school, there are no dumb answers with wine.

Red Wine

DIGN [Southern Styrian for]:
  • determined
  • dense
  • concentrated
vintage 2011 / drink from 2013 until 2018+ Drink: from 5 p.m. alc. 12.5% vol. & dry
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Sometimes we make our lives more complicated than they really are. We brood and ponder and want to do everything right. Then everything becomes complicated. Life is simple when you live your own motif. Things happen, and everything is clear. That’s why we made this wine. It’s that simple.

White Wine

BIXGROD [southern Styrian for]:
  • straightforward
  • delicate
  • clear
vintage 2012 / drink from 2013 until 2020+ Drink: from breakfast until 3 p.m. alc. 12.5% vol. & dry
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Good wine has character. It is a special experience, its own motif. A variable in your life which can drive you crazy both in the literal and figurative sense. Perhaps this wine cannot be drunk on many occasions. But when the time comes, it will be all the more appropriate. Until then, we can gaze at it on the shelf with reverence.

White Wine

ZSLEMPAT [Southern Styrian for]:
  • chaotic
  • uneven
  • immoral
vintage 2011 / drink from 2013 until 2020+ Drink: according to preference (not in the morning) Alc. 13.5% vol. & dry
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